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Using Social Media to Grow Your Online Sales

Using Social Media to Grow Your Online Sales

Hi all! Kait + Beans from Nowaday Studio here, social media manager and strategist for Boes!

We've been working with the Boes team for over 2 years now to help keep up with all the latest on social media and how to use it to grow online sales!

A lot has changed even in the time we've worked together! Instagram and Facebook are constantly changing up the rules of the game in both good and sometimes difficult ways for businesses to adapt to.

Most recently, Facebook/IG updated the way that you can add your products to the all new Facebook Shop! 

We're going to share a few of our favourite ways to use all the social media tools available to you to grow your e-commerce business and sell online!



Reels, IG Stories, + more.

Video content is a great way to keep your audience engaged while promoting products and educating your audience. It is often easier to create story-telling content with videos than with a photo. 

Now creating video content isn't just for large businesses. Instagram has made video marketing accessible for small businesses thanks to IG stories, IGTV and most recently with Reels. The best part is you don't need a fancy camera to capture footage. You can use your phone to share sales, promotions, and tips & tricks.



Insta's new in-app shopping features.

Instagram shopping makes it easier for people to shop your products! You can tag products on your feed, stories and your Reels - making it accessible for your audience to view and purchase the products you're sharing online. Now Facebook/IG has updated their shop feature so people can shop entire collections and your entire catalog of products by clicking the View Shop button on your page! 


3. ADS

How to go beyond the boost!

Boosting a post may seem like an easy solution to further your reach but it's not an effective tool for sales. If your marketing goals is higher engagement such as likes, comments and shares, then boosting a post may be worth it for you - BUT if your marketing goal is to get more online sales, you'll have better luck with running FB and IG ads. You can create different ad formats for both IG and Facebook to promote sales, new collections or any particular items you're wanting to sell! 



Show your followers some love!

Instagram is first and foremost a social app. If you're posting content but not engaging back with those who are liking your content, you are missing a great opportunity to build relationships with your audience Engage with your followers, those you're following and new people through hashtags and reels by liking, commenting and sharing their posts!  


As social media continues to change, so will we! Adapting in the name of the game when it comes to using social media for marketing and sales!

Did we miss any of your favourite ways to sell on Instagram? Leave a comment below or send us a DM! 


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