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Blakely Turns One!

Blakely Turns One!
My little peanut turned one a couple weeks ago and I can hardly believe it!

What a crazy, wild, amazing first year it has been. I’m so grateful to have been able to spend so much time with her and make so many amazing memories together, but I do have to say, she has some serious attachment issues after spending almost her entire first year of life in lockdown.

Any other new mom’s experiencing this? 😬

We celebrated her birthday in true 2021 fashion; in quarantine. We have been in the States for the past two months for my husband’s job, so we are currently in the midst of our two week quarantine period. 

While it wasn’t exactly the first birthday we had envisioned, we were still able to make it special in our own way! We ordered a smash cake from Sugar & Salt Bake Shoppe and it was so perfect! If you haven’t checked them out, you must! Kayla is amazing to work with and she even went the extra mile and included some stunning fresh flowers from Academy Florist.

We’re hoping to do a small celebration in a few weeks with some close friends and family if things open up, but i’m not holding my breath on that. While it’s easy to be disappointed, you just have to keep reminding yourself that at this age, they won’t remember anyways and right now this is what’s best for everyone. Blakely loves to swim, she’s crawling everywhere (no walking yet!) and getting into alllll the things she shouldn’t.

Dog toys, the dishwasher and kitchen cupboards are her current favourites. Why do we even bother buying toys anymore? 😂 I swear they know what’s theirs and it’s immediately unappealing. 

Now that my "maternity" leave is up (I was still working part-time remotely for most of it anyways!), you’ll be seeing me a lot more on social media! I am so excited to get back into the office and focus on some new things we have planned. There may be something big in the works but we’ll keep you posted about that in the months to come. 😉 Any guesses what it might be? 



Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! Happy Birthday, Blakely. :)

Glenda Klemick

Happy First Birthday, Blakely. You are adorable! I know you are a huge blessing to your family. I eagerly look forward to the new & exciting coming our way!