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Ode’min is named and designed by local Winnipeg Artist Kiana Compton. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every Ode’min candle will go towards a charity of Kiana’s choice; TakeHome BIPOC Arts House. Ode’min features scent notes of strawberry and spearmint.

This candle is 8 oz and burns approximately 50 hours.

About the artist:

Kiana Compton is a visual artist and pow wow dancer born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Compton is Saulteaux/Cree from Keeseekoose, SK and Beren’s River, Manitoba. Compton was raised in a family of artists and also attended Art City almost daily as a kid. Now as an adult, she came full circle and now works at Art City. Her work is inspired by her family, culture, and her inner-city community she grew up in. Compton recently had participated in her first art show in the Lavender Menace exhibit at the Plaza Skatepark at the Forks in September 2020.

 About the piece:

 “I had put a lot of love into this piece. Taking inspiration from my feminine side and my Ojibway culture. I love painting strawberries because in Anishinaabemowin (the Ojibway language) they are called “Ode’min” which translates to the heart berry. When I was around 12 years old I got strawberry teachings from an Ojibway lady. She said that strawberries represent love and even when you cut them in half there’s a heart on the inside.”